Never miss a lubrication point again. Automated central control of all chain & bearing lubrication points. Digital warning signals prevent unplanned shutdowns. Fine-tune lubrication for each point. Sectional low pressure for extra safety. Over 300 lines supported.

- No more missed lubrication points.

- Safe, low-pressure, easy maintenance.

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DEBCLS is the only company who can provide a zoned, dry lubrication PTFE package that covers chains and bearings. Lubricant registered in Class H1 by NSF for use in the food environment. Very low quanitities of lubricant are used.

- Lubrication with zero water used.

- Stops dirt accumulation. Food safety.

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Programmable pumps give complete lubrication control for any production line. Easily set the frequency of lubrication, per pump. Increases life of chains & bearings. Greasing during operation increases productivity. Lower maintenance costs via automation.

- Failsafe with built-in alarms.

- Can be Internet connected.

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Impressum:  R.Deuschle - , Am Hang 14. 69181 Leimen, Germany.

⦿ Established in 1983. ⦿ Over 300 production lines supported in Europe.

DEBCLS Industrial Lubrication Solutions

Centralized NLGI 1/2 Greasing

PTFE Dry Lubrication

Industrial smart pumps

Design, installation and maintenance of centralised lubrication systems.

PTFE industrial lubrication system for food and drink production lines.

Our smart pumps deliver lubricant in timed, measured doses to protect productivity.